Performance under pressure with the Peugeot 508 Allure

Some people thrive under pressure. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather said, “I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under put pressure on me.”

It just so happened that my drive with the new Peugeot 508 2.0 HDi Allure came at a time when I was dealing with a lot of pressure.  As the month of May approached, I was working almost 24 hours a day—balancing a daily morning show (which required me to wake up at 3AM everyday), law firm work, a weekly motoring column for a newspaper, and elections work as Head for Voters’ Education in the 2016 Philippine elections. 

Amidst all of these, the Peugeot 508 Allure shone through. The 508’s dynamic lines and contemporary design lend an imposing and elegant appearance, which made me feel more confident as I faced my daily challenges. The 508 boasts a revamped bonnet with a sleek silver grille featuring the Peugeot lion in the middle. On days when I especially felt overwhelmed with work, I looked at the Peugeot lion as an inspiration to be courageous and strong—traits the lion represented. 

The 508 in Nera Black adds to its commanding presence. Other lighter colors of the 508 are the Bianca White and Bourrasque Blue.

The 508 Allure’s real strength lies underneath with its 163-horsepower/300-Nm engine. Its turbo-diesel motor has a displacement of 1,997cc. If I didn’t know its specifications, I would have sworn the 508 ran on gasoline. The 508 is quiet—and has the ability to accelerate smoothly and quickly. 

The best part about its diesel engine is that it is fuel-efficient. After four days of driving the 508—going from the office to the Comelec warehouse in Laguna and media interviews around Metro Manila—the tank was still half full.

Inside, the 508 has elegant trim which combines chrome, gloss black, satin black, and leather. At the center of the console is a 7-inch touchscreen. The high-resolution screen presents a broad range of info such as different connectivity options, multimedia, navigation and telephone. The features are easy to learn and navigate—something I always look for since I never have time to read car manuals. 

I didn’t have to take my eyes off the road to check speed and cruise control instructions, as the colored heads-up display shows essential driving information. Other helpful features that assist driving include a rear camera that activates automatically when reverse gear is selected.  An audible and graphic front and rear parking assistance notifies me when the 508 is close to an obstacle.

The 508 is also equipped with a “blind spot monitoring system.” Through this, the four sensors in the front and rear bumpers detect other vehicles in your blind spots. An orange LED lights up in one of the exterior mirrors to alert the driver.

Summer heat was not a problem inside the 508, even if the Philippines broke a record for hottest summer this year. The 508 has pull-up shades in the rear windows and rear windshield. The automatic four-zone air-conditioning allows me to have my own control of the air-conditioning mode—whether I was driving or sitting as a passenger.

High-quality leather seats and generous legroom kept me comfortable inside the 508, especially on days when I worked in the rear seats while being chauffeured by a driver. 

Bouncing around several destinations per day, I had plenty of space for my clutter of things (my laptop, extra shoes, bottles of water, snacks, books, folders, battery packs…you name it). The 508’s storage compartments include a center console compartment, an air-ventilated glove box, two front and two rear cup holders, bottle holders in each door panel, and an armrest storage. 

At the height of election preparations, a personal friend—former Chief Justice Corona—passed away. Rushing from the Comelec warehouse in Laguna, I went to pay my respects at the wake of CJ Corona. While I felt under-dressed in my “warehouse-mode” clothes, arriving in the elegant black 508 made me feel more presentable for the solemn visit.

In the face of stress and mounting demands, the Peugeot 508 held its own and became, to me, a source of comfort and assurance. I knew that it would get me where I had to be—safely, comfortably, and without any issues. Like a person who excels under stressful circumstances, the Peugeot 508 performed excellently under pressure.

Originally posted by The Philippine Star