Peugeot Servicing



The Must-Have Service - Suitable for Any Peugeot

To keep your Peugeot in peak condition, book a Peugeot Scheduled Service. Our experts will carry out a Service tailored specifically for your vehicle based on the model, its age and how many miles you have covered.

Every Peugeot model needs different care at different points in its life. The different operations are listed in your vehicle’s maintenance book.

To make things easier, you can get a quote online, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s needed at your next Scheduled Service.

When you bring your Peugeot in for Servicing, we will always make sure to give it the care and attention it deserves, including:

  • A full diagnostic review and health-check
  • Change of oil and oil filter
  • Top-ups of all fluids
  • Brake, steering and other safety checks
  • Visual checks of tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • Environmental checks – pollen filter and exhaust
  • Additional items required for your vehicle based on its age and mileage, e.g. air filters, spark plugs or brake fluid.


Why Should I Service my Peugeot?

To maintain the quality of your Peugeot and keep it running smoothly, it’s important to carry out regular Servicing. We recommend booking your Service with an approved Peugeot Dealer to have your car maintained by the people who know it inside out for ultimate peace of mind.

Why Choose Peugeot for your Service?

By choosing Peugeot for your Service, you’ll experience the highest standard of Service as set out in the Peugeot Service Promise. By using Original Peugeot Parts, we ensure your car maintains top performance and quality throughout your ownership, plus we guarantee that your Warranty will be protected.

You can also help to protect the re-sale value of your car with a full Service history from an approved Peugeot Dealer.

When should I have my Peugeot Serviced?

The interval between Services varies from vehicle to vehicle – it could be a length of time or a number of miles, whichever comes sooner. To find out when your next Service is due, click to get a quote online, and we will instantly tell you the Service Interval for your car.


Fixed Price Servicing - For vehicles over 3 years old

If your Peugeot is more than 3 years old, you can take advantage of our Fixed Price Servicing offers. We have a range of options to choose from to suit your budget and your needs, all at clear prices.


Peugeot Trained Technicians

Trusted advice and expertise from highly trained Peugeot technicians, the people who know Peugeots inside and out.


Our Peugeot Original Equipment & Approved parts are covered by a minimum of 12 months parts and labour warranty.


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