PEUGEOT is managed in the Philippines by Astara as the brand’s new and  sole executive distributor. Formerly known as Bergé Auto, Astara is one of  the biggest automotive distributors both in Europe and Latin America. Since  its inception in 1979, the company carried out a successful path as a leading  group in distribution and mobility services. Astara is instrumental in the  selling of over three million cars as strategic partner of the world’s leading  automotive groups. 




Established in 1979, Astara, today, is a strong and forward-looking automotive distribution and mobility services group, with a presence in 16 countries to distribute 29 car brands including operations in Latam, Europe and Southeast Asia, (Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, BENELUX, Germany, Poland, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Philippines). 


Having sound international expertise and a broad understanding of the mobility sector, Astara delivers innovative tailor-made solutions for every brand and market. We offer a diversified portfolio of mobility products and services as ownership, subscription, B2B/B2C, and new digital channels. Recognizing the global trend towards a more customer-led economy in the current digital environment, we are committed to pursuing new business ventures resulting from this unique scenario.