Our Electric Vehicles


Get on board with zero-emission driving with a PEUGEOT electric vehicle.

Our range of electric vehicles can meet all of your requirements: ultra-compact city car, family micro-van, functional light commercial vehicle, etc.

PEUGEOT 100% electric vehicles marry innovative design with outstanding environmental performance and cutting-edge technology.


Mobility in entire simplicity

Simplify your life:


With PEUGEOT electric car:

  • Maintenance up to 30% cheaper than for petrol or diesel vehicles,
  • State aid up to 12 000 € for the purchase of an electric car,
  • Cumulate the conversion premium with the ecological bonus by sending your old car out for the purchase of a new vehicle.


Discover the new urban model of the PEUGEOT electric range. With its striking and modern lines, our city car will adapt to all your journeys. Discover the all new 3D i-Cockpit® which offers you a new immersive driving sensation. 
Discover the new e-2008 compact model of the PEUGEOT electric range. Thanks to its design affirming its power and its sportitivity, as well as the i-Cockpit® 3D: explore the new e-mobility. Thanks to its 310km WLTP range, it will be your indispensableEquivalent to 400km NEDC. Estimated data, provided for information and subject to WLTP approval. Battery life may vary depending on actual conditions of use (weather conditions, driving style...)  ally for your long journeys 
Discover the combispace of the PEUGEOT electric range. Thanks to its remarkable habitability and modularity, PEUGEOT e-Traveler is an invitation to take the road for comfortable journeys. With its large cabin, its volume of safe up to 1500L with 8 persons or up to 3000L with 5 persons on board. 


How do I recharge my electric vehicle? (PRIVATE)


Private charging refers to the charge of your electric vehicle at your home or workplace. This type of load is advantageous because it offers practical and economical solutions:


You can charge your electric car on a standard outlet (charger 1,8kW, 8A)

You can opt for a recharge with a reinforced plug (charger 3,2kW, 14A). This solution delivers faster throughput than a standard outlet.

Or you can opt for a Wall BoxIt is a case that is fixed to the wall, and which allows to recharge your electric car (charger of 6,6kW, 32A). You can also put a Wallbox on a pilone if you want to put it outside.  to minimize your load time. Recharge your battery to 100% in 8 hours. This time can be lowered to 5 hours thanks to a specific cable.

How do I recharge my electric vehicle? (PUBLIC)


As with the gas station system for thermal vehicles, there is a public charging system for electric cars.

This very important network continues to grow rapidly and steadily.

For accelerated charging, you can opt for the fast charging terminals with which our cars are compatible.


The fast public terminals allow to charge 80% of its battery in 30 minutes.

How do I manage my battery life?

The autonomy of an electric vehicle refers to the number of kilometers that can be traveled until the battery is fully discharged. At the time of purchase, users want the autonomy values announced by the manufacturers to be as representative as possible of their actual use.


The WLTPWorldwide Harmonized Vehicle Test Procedure  protocol reflects more realistically the consumption of an electrified car and its autonomy.

How do I optimize my vehicle’s range?


  • the power indicator, control your energy consumption in real time from your dashboard.
  • your smartphone, thanks to MyPeugeot services, program your vehicle load remotely whenever you want
  • your smartphone, program the thermal pre-conditioning of your cabin when your car is loaded, allows you to maintain your autonomy.
  • driving modes such as Eco-drive mode or Brake mode.

Some eco-driving tips:

  • Choose Brake mode: Prefer the engine brake to the brake pedal during braking and decelerations to recover autonomy.
  • Go to Eco mode: The eco mode saves energy by reasonably reducing engine power. Preferably in town!
  • Pre-conditioning: When your Peugeot is in charge, make the most of it to prepare the temperature on board with the MyPeugeot application.
  • Watch your tires: Tire wear and inflation are always to be monitored. This is even more true for an electric vehicle, you would risk losing a lot of battery life if necessary.

Why choose an electric vehicle? (FINANCIAL)


Electric vehicles are more expensive at the time of purchase than their thermal equivalents. However, the total cost of a vehicle is not just the purchase price. In addition, the vehicle must be supplied with fuel, insurance and maintenance. If all of these factors are taken into account, then electric cars are cheaper than thermal vehicles.


On average, electric vehicles save 40% on consumption and 30% on maintenance costs compared to their thermal counterparts.

Electricity for all types of trips?

PEUGEOT electric cars, such as the new PEUGEOT e-208 and the new PEUGEOT e-2008, benefit from optimizing the services of road-keeping, handling, acoustic and thermal comfort and lightening to help limit CO2 emissions and allow you to live an intense driving experience!


The idea that an electric car is less efficient than a thermal car is a false idea. Even though they are quiet when used, electric vehicles are still performing. They achieve the same speeds as their thermal counterparts, while offering new driving comfort with a quiet engine and reduced vibrations. On the other hand, acceleration and deceleration are as fast on electric vehicles as on their thermal counterparts.