GPS map update

Why update your GPS cartography?

Your navigation system needs up-to-date map data in order to function optimally. This is why PEUGEOT invites you to regularly update its map system.

Please enter your VIN*

Please enter a valid VIN code

* The VIN ("Vehicle Identification Number") is shown on your vehicle registration document. It must consist of 17 characters starting with VF3 or VR3.

We invite you to connect from a computer to update your navigation system or your cartography.

A constantly evolving road network

Every day, new roads are built, traffic directions are changed, cities expand their pedestrianised areas and some streets are no longer accessible to cars. These changes have an impact on the route your navigation system will choose in order to guide you. 

Optimised routes

To benefit from optimal guidance, regularly update the maps in your navigation system.

Doing so will allow you to save precious time by travelling fewer kilometres to reach your destination.